Code of Honor for Creating Happier Worlds 

To be successful together, the BoldMove Nation members adhere to following principles and values:

  • We are at the side of our customers:  we listen to them and provide the most fitting solution to their needs.

  • We think and act long-term, we want customers and partners to be successful, today and tomorrow. 

  • As a team we reinforce and complement each other. We prioritise BoldMove Nation members but if a project calls for another solution this is openly and constructively discussed.

  • We do not enter in competition against each other, nor poach anyone’s customers, employees or projects. The customer interest is guiding us.

  • We do not oversell or overpromise, our ambition is to create a long-lasting relationship, based on confidence, friendship and trust.

  • We focus on sustainable business and personal relations, not on quick wins. Together we build a reputation for BoldMove Nation, and everyone’s individual brand.

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